1,5kW Panneau Solaire PowerPanel Thermique + Électrique
1,5kW Panneau Solaire PowerPanel Thermique + Électrique
1,5kW Panneau Solaire PowerPanel Thermique + Électrique

1,5kW Panneau Solaire PowerPanel Thermique + Électrique

Prix régulier $1,250.00 Solde

1,25 kW Solaire Thermique

0,25kW Solaire électrique

Combiné unique du solaire photovoltaique et thermique, fabriqué aux États-Unis

Twice The Resources, Double The Savings

The Power PanelTM module revolutionizes solar technology by combining it with thermal harvesting. Traditional solar panel efficiency drops as heat rises, but the The Power PanelTM offers elite performance even in extreme conditions. Durable and long lasting, it meets or exceeds multiple highly demanding industrial certifications and is backed by an outstanding warranty.

Outstanding Performance Made Possible By Hybrid Technology

Power PanelTMs innovative solar thermal hybrid technology uses an automated cooling system that pumps water under the panels, keeping them within the optimal performance range. This maximizes efficiency even as the environment heats up, and the The Power PanelTM excels in colder conditions as well. In fact, the assembly can even use snow melt to harvest energy, something traditional panels are simply not equipped to do.

80% efficiency is a bold claim, and it's only possible because of our unique fusion of liquid cooling, thermal storage tanks, and durable solar cell technology. The Power PanelTM assemblies can produce peak energy levels of 1.84 kW using solar alone. That number skyrockets to 10.18 kW when combined with thermal harvesting. With so much energy flowing into your home, you'll inevitably end up with more than you need. You'll want to consider the battery storage option, which greatly increases the adaptability of your system in our ever changing climate.

Engineered To Last In Extreme Environments

Alternative energy technology is a long-term investment in your home and place of business. It's a lasting contribution to your future as an individual, your community, and the world at large. That's why it's so important that your choice in solar technology has a long lasting guarantee. Power PanelTM is proud to offer a 25 year PV performance warranty on our The Power PanelTM modules, ensuring that those panels are there for you and the world at large for a quarter of a century.

Industrial certifications are another key factor to consider when purchasing an alternative energy system. Sleep easy knowing that our The Power PanelTM technology is certified to the rigorous safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Additionally, our performance and reliability are certified by the prestigious Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the demanding requirements of the Florida Solar Energy Center Photovoltaic and Thermal Standards (FSEV PV) organization.

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